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SAP Business One (SAP B1)

SAP B1, a business software management application that enables to organize the data in a structured format. This stands as a single solution for business data storage of all departments from customer relationship management to financials. The inbuilt business intelligence reports of SAP B1 helps in analyzing the regular functionalities within organization and assist in taking crucial decisions.

There were different modules in SAP B1 course starting from Administration to Human resource development. The modules which every organization structurised functionally were Sales, Finances, Vendor Relationship Management, CRM, Inventory and more. SAP realizes that littler and developing organizations have a remarkable arrangement of business challenges that require a basic, speedy and productive method for comprehending them. SAP Business One is SAP's lead SME arrangement that has been worked without any preparation explicitly for littler and developing organizations. Since it is developed starting from the earliest stage, is no pointless unpredictability or managerial/the executives layer that could convolute procedures. With some end client preparing and practice, SAP Business One is simple enough for anybody to utilize and with our direction, we can assist you with getting out all the potential advantages. Further to the specially assembled structure, SAP Business One is planned such that it can without much of a stretch be designed to address the issues and necessities of a wide scope of ventures. This permits organizations of various sorts to realize that the SAP Business One arrangement they will be given gives a stage to advance development, yet it additionally gives entrepreneurs the confirmation that they are meeting industry prerequisites and have the knowledge and data expected to settle on testing industry-explicit choices. SAP Business One additionally accompanies best in class in-memory database innovation from SAP as SAP HANA for handling a lot of information in with at no other time been preparing speeds.


SAP B1 follows the client-server architectural pattern. The client software is the Microsoft windows based product and the server software is the Microsoft server SQL database. Depending on the areas serving, SAP B1 have different modules as Logistics, Accounting etc.,


Features :

  • Features : SAP B1 provides with the tools that streamlines in executing the financial operations which improved margins by reducing the common errors. This tool helped towards the profitable decision making by generating financial reports regular base.
  • Sales and Customer management : The complete sale-purchase of customers can be tracked with the sale management software which enables in having the vision of customer activities and needs.
  • Production and Warehouse management : SAP B1, tools were implemented to organize the inventory management and helps in organizing the data from multiple warehouses in real-time that helps in easy maintaining of production with respect to the regular cost predictions.