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Mobile App Development

RK Thinxmart Solutions is leading provider of Mobile Apps development Company Based on Android Apps Development, IOS Apps development, Windows Apps Development solutions. Long back when mobile phones were just utilized for making and getting calls, as now it’s a most important in ones life and inseparable element of business world. Mobile phones are need now days and one can’t dream a day without their smart phone, as it’s an essential part of their day to day activity for not only calling as well as numerous different undertakings for business network.

Now a days mobile app development has increased huge popularity with the introduction of smart phones and technical evolution around the world. Advancement of various devices platforms like Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile and Blackberry has brought virtual world practically corresponding to this present reality. RK Thinxmart Solutions iOS Application development services includes both (iPhone and iPad). As these are the two most common devices used of Apple.

Our mobile application developers have a comprehensive understanding of Android platform and provides innovative solutions. Our mobile app developers stay up with the emerging techniques and convey the progressed and forefront apps that are custom fitted to achieve the key business goals of the customers. From the wireframes, design, development to the deployment, RK Thinxmart Solutions pays attention to detail to each and every phase of app development process. Besides, we look for customer's input to make upgrades at the beginning phase which empower the engineers to deliver the venture on-schedule. Our cost-effective solutions ensure maximum user engagement and high ROI.

Our Mobility Offerings

1. Android Mobile Application Development

With a focus on quality and execution, RK Thinxmart Solutionsuse the best and most recent mobile app development procedures to keep the clients one step ahead of the competitors.

2. Enterprise Mobility

From pre-built frameworks to enterprise solutions, UI design and testing to mobility advisory services, RK Thinxmart Solutions offers a wide range of mobility solutions for its customers at a moderate expense.

3. Mobile App Prototyping / UI

RK Thinxmart Solutions offers amazing mobile application prototyping administrations utilizing different platforms and toolkits that enable customers to get a real feel of the application before final development and prevent additional expense for fixing entanglements.

4. Internet of Things

We have the required mastery in advancements like tagging, Bluetooth and NFC. Be it QA code or Raspberry Pi or Bluetooth connected devices, we will fulfill all your IoT mobile app idea.

5. Mobile Apps Testing, Support & Maintenance

RK Thinxmart Solutions does exhaustive cross-platform mobile applications testing to make sure that the applications are compatible or perfect with all the devices.

6. App Store Optimization

RK Thinxmart Solutions helps the clients get maximum profits for the venture by driving more downloads for an app through app store optimization (ASO) services.


We offer this services to our clients :

  • Quality services for all business models
  • Complete management of your mobile app
  • Increased business security level and Profitable results
  • Cross platform
  • Best accuracy, Instant results
  • More enterprise value with all your dream model come true